3 Reasons...

Did you check out the Homepage? (linky) Join Cross has started a new campaign called "3 Reasons". It is $3 Reasons why you should give at least $3.

Imagine 10,000 of you give $3 means that we can be on the air all summer long in Morris, where we can win a seat. Or we can drop 3 more pieces of mail in Effingham. This is a big deal. It is even a bigger deal that all you have to do is click on this site and give. (linky)

With the added feature of being able to contribute online, we can collect the resources needed to beat the Chicago Machine.

Speaker Madigan is going to have all the advantages. Look at the numbers, look at the map. The House Republicans have not won a seat since 1994. Call it ineffective leadership, call it lack of resouces, call it whatever you want. All I know is that we (the Republican Party) have a shot at picking up one of two seats and closing the gap between the Speakership and us.

If you haven't already given, please do so. The resources you provide go to elect Republicans across the state.


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