Thursday: What's happening today...

Today we are gearing up for the Primary Day. Yesterday was a good day as Represenative Bob Pritchard and Representative Suzzi Bassi were both endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.(linky)

This is good news for both these campaigns. Suzzi has a strong record of running as an independant voice in the House. Leader Cross spoke at a Suzzi Bassi event last year that I was attending and he spoke of her courage. She had the courage to stand up to the undaunting task of discussing the prospect of having a new Leader in the Republican Caucus.

Bob has only been down in Springfield for a few months, but he is working fast and hard. As evidenced by his press, Bob is making some wise choices and is working to help his constiuents.


Today we are putting together some yard signs and getting them out. This will help Leader Cross establish a presence in his ever-growing district that is Plainfield.

We are working on securing locations. If you want one, it doesn't matter if you are in our District or not, please call Natalie at 815.609.0099. She will get one to you (or I will!)

We are working on getting our online contributions up and running. Howard Dean used the $100 Revolution to great success, and I hope to copy that.

That's all for now....


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