Waterboy or Signal?

DuPage today. The Leader is heading into the city to work with some groups, meet with others, and then head out to the "most republican county" in the country, DuPage County Illinois--Home of the 'Schillerstrom Report'--which I recieved yesterday in the mail. I was not all that impressed with 'issue 2'.

I like the first one, but this one was not as attention grabbing, and as all you regular readers know, I dig that sort of stuff. I tell you what Bob, it is going to get really old reading about you every 2 months....Try to mix it up and tell us about the party, spotlight some other party members, do something else besides toot your own horn. (that's just my 2 cents)

Anyway, back to DuPage. Tonight at Oak Brook Hills, the Central Committee is having their Lincoln Day Dinner. The guest of honor is RNC Chair Ed Gillespie. (linky) I am sure that he is going to give a nice speech about President Bush and the evils of John Kerry. I am not sure what message this sends Illinois, though.

With Gillespie here, that could mean that the RNC is looking into Ilinois, or it could mean that they sent their water boy, and decided against sending Dick Cheney or Lynn Cheney or whomever....and are going to throw in the towel in Illinois.

We'll see.


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