What's Happening today...

Leader Cross is heading up to Palatine to walk door-to-door with Representatie Suzie Bassi. We will head up there later this morning. I knocked on doors up there this past weekend, and the response was generally positive. Most people don't even want to get bothered by having to go answer their doors--in fact, I am always startled by hearing the door bell ring. It just doesn't happen that often anymore--but it still is an effective means of getting our message out.

We live in the day where people open their garage doors in the morning, back out, and go to work, then come home, open their garage doors, and pull in. They don't talk to their neighbors. They don't talk over the backyard fence about issues and their community. It's too bad. I may be a bit of a starry-eyed optimist, but I wish people would. I know, I know....you say that you know people who are like that. They talk. I am sure that they do, but we need more. We need more people who care about their community--not just when it adversely affects them. So, go out and get involved in a campaign. Be it democract or republican or independent or green or a school referendum or whatever. Just don't go to and from your garage without any interaction with your community.

....and remember, when you hear that door bell ring, it is someone who has decided to do just that--get involved--who is standing at your door. Take a moment to check out what they are peddling. You may dig it....


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