Battle Back

Hey guys. Sorry it's been a while, but we've been busy trying to launch this site. My apologies to the regulars. We're trying to get things straight around here and soon we'll be handing off some duties of other sites to some friends, so we can concentrate on joincross. The article below is from the NY Times. I really think that the future of grassroots politics for the GOP is on the computer. We'll never have the bodies that the Democrat Union guys have, but we can be better organized online. It starts with things like the joincross blog. We need your help. Contribute your comments to this and tell me what you think....

...They call it the ground war. And as anticipated, it is back after a long hiatus, subtly changing politics as we know it. Or trying to.

After decades of playing poor relation to television advertising, grass-roots politics has become a campaign star this year, as many political pros predicted it would be in the aftermath of the Bush-Gore face-off of 2000. And today it ranges from old-fashioned shoe leather to Web technology that can make a precinct captain of anyone with a computer.

It is a matter of adaptation, or survival of the most flexible. With the country still so sharply divided that political analysts figure as few as 10 percent of voters are undecided, each side is fighting to find and bring out every last one if its voters, and persuade the "persuadables," too. That means competing door to door, computer to computer, Web site to Web site. A ground war to complement the air war.

To read the entire article, please click here: New York Times

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