Chris Matthews May have been Right. That may not be Presidential, but it sure is funny....

I know a lot of my friends who don't vote. I know, you probably say, big deal. Well, I tell you what, it kind of is a big deal. I don't know, but I don't think people all of a sudden grow up and start voting. There isn't some magic switch that goes off in your head that says...."Hmmm....I've got the minivan. I've got the John Deere Lawnmower. I've got the receding hairline. What am I missing....oh yeah....that's right. I've forgotten to vote for the past 15 years."

There are so many 20 and 30 somethings that, in my opinion, want to be engaged. For all his fire and brimstone. Plus that crazy scream, Dr. Dean from Vermont surely did one thing. He energized people that weren't normally involved in politics. He had people hanging signs in their yards and businesses who never voted before. He had people 'blogging' who never really cared about politics. That is the legacy, in my opinion of Howard Dean.

He showed that you can engage people. You can engage young people who don't really show an interest in government. I have been trying to convince some people involved in the campaign to go on a college tour. I'm not talking about the kind of college tours that you went on for a weekend when you were a junior or senior in high school and you had a buddy who had an older brother who lived in the Delta Chi House and had Ansel Adams prints on the walls and who you thought was the coolest guy in the world--kind of college tours. I am talking about visiting in one day all the state universities and some of the private ones. Engaging these young adults in conversations about the cost of education these days, registering to vote, affording a home, and other matters that are important to them. I think it would be a hit. I'll keep working on it. It's kinda like pushing a peanut up a hill with your nose. You've got to keep on it..... The powers that be around here hopefully will embrace the idea, much like they've embraced the site. (but what do I know, I'm just a blogger and I work at Home Depot on Saturdays....)


We here at CFI are trying to branch out. We've sent some of you an email talking about passing on the Starbucks Double Machiato Soy Chai Latte Tall. Instead give the $5 to CFI. Trust me. It's worth it.


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