The State Party is hosting an event called Super Saturday on April 24th. Their billing it as a voter registration event.
....You've heard the naysayers. Republicans are struggling in Illinois, they tell us, and President Bush is going to have a tough time here. Well, I have an idea: Let's prove them all wrong. 
On April 24th, Republicans will be gathering together at local Super Saturday rally sites across our state. And then we're going to go out and spread the word to our neighbors: Vote Republican! We're going to register our voters -- I promised the Republican National party we'll bring in 26,600 new voters on Super Saturday -- and we'll be signing up new Team Leaders and identifying our supporters. Will you join us in this unprecedented effort? 
For more information, please contact your local Republican organization or call the Illinois Republican Party at 800-369-0011 to confirm your participation. We'll be able to set you up with your local Super Saturday coordinator to find out about the various events in your area. You can also find a rally in your community in the next week by visiting
Thank you for your hard work as we march toward victory in 2004. Hope to see you in a few weeks! 
Judy Baar Topinka
I say....good for the State Party. This is exactly what we need to be doing. We, as Republicans, need to be active. We have a good message. We have the right message. Go register those friends of yours who aren't registered.

My name is Chris Rhodes and I approved this message.


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