Power to the People

Thanks to great people like you, CFI made national news yesterday. Check out these stories from around the country...

This is a truly people-powered campaign....

>>>St. Louis Post Dispatch
>>>Miami Herald
>>>Philadelphia Enquirer
>>>The South Carolina State
>>>The San Jose Mercury News

That's unbelieveable. Keep up the good work.

We're expanding our site soon. We soon will be able to offer for download posters for each county. We at CFI want you to print them out and post them everywhere you can. Send us pics of you and your posters. We'll put them up here.

Let us know what else you want from CFI. We're excited about the amount of press we received from all over the country and we want to capitalize on it.

By the way...guess who's a Beatles fan....(points thumbs at self and says) "This guy"

My name is Chris Rhodes and I approved this message....


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