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I was reading over (Linky) here that Iraq is getting a new flag. They're getting rid of the traditional colors and replacing them with blues and such. I think it's a great idea. They say they want a fresh start, and I'm all for that....

all, right. That's more than enough heavy stuff. more than enough current events. Now we can get down to the real stuff here at CFI.

We've been all over the place recently.

Archpundit has given us some props. (Linky) --under 'Calling da speaker'--- He's pretty kind, except he takes a dig at the Leader's Hair. In Leader Cross' defense, it was a summer photo and he has shorter hair for obvious reasons in the summer....not saying you're wrong Arch, just adding some reasons....

So too, has 'ecampaign weblog' (Linky) --scroll down a bit.

I am pleased that there are more lurkers out there then I previously thought. We've noticed the traffic picking up here as our daily hit totals continue to climb. Hopefully, the community will continue to grow, but we need your help.

Check out the homepage. We've started a new "change starts with you" campaign. This really is a people-powered campaign to take back Illinois. We've heard from almost 2,000 of you. We need to keep hearing from you. Use the refer your friends function on the site. Tell your neighbors. This isn't simple rhetoric, it is reality. We have a one party system in Illinois. I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Reform, whatever.... we all can agree that having a one-party system is a bad thing. There is a way to change that.

We can pick up seats. Maybe one this year, maybe two. Maybe one or two in 2006. It takes time, but we can move back toward the majority.....but again, what do I know. I mean, I just work at Home Depot on weekends. I'm no expert like Russ Stewart or Keith Hanouw at prognaticating wins....


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