Ahem....Illinois Leader Readers:

Mr. Greg Blankenship, the Director of the Illinois Policy Institute, which most Illinois Leader readers fall all over each other about, had this to say about our fearless Leader:
As far as Tom Cross goes, he just passed property tax relief for the state. In Collinsville I thanked him for proving that it was indeed possible for republicans to cut taxes in this state when I congratulated him on his great win. Realistic conservatives recognize that we need people like him if we are going to win.
I agree with Greg. But I drink the kool-aid. You would have thought with a board who directs this executive director which includes John Biver, Chris Lauzen, Dan Proft, Patrick O'Malley, Jill Stanek, and Joe Wiegand, Greg would not be allowed to compliment Cross.

Yep. We're awful. Keep trying 'to find candidates against House Leadership'--that's a winning idea


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