Can You Hear Me Now?

Our friend over at Archpundit is looking for some people to fill in and post over in his space while he is on holiday.

This is a great opportunity....He won't want a bunch of GOP nonsense, but I am sure that he'd take some intelligent bipartisanship....and a little Jack Ryan rah-rahing.

One Man I am looking in your direction....

I think I might be able to twist Marc Camp's arm a little. Hopefully, he'll be back from the Patch by then. Or maybe he's decided to start a new life in Central Illinois?

"A man can get used to this", says Marc Camp about walking to work, hibaching, and runs in the park.

On the Leader , someone didn't get what they wanted, so they decided to lash out at Watson and Topinka. Take a look at the Leadership of the Leader and that of Jack's! campaign.

Draw your own conclusions.

I agree that this whole "stalker" story should have been a nonstory, but it became one and I guess these guys at the Leader think it will go away by bashing Frank and Judy. They should start focusing on what Barack voted on last week.

Next thing you know, they'll editorialize this blog. And start calling Chris Rhodes a RINO!

You can check the archives. We're solidly behind Jack! We just think he should be doing more online.



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