Sandwich Boards are effective

This morning, Leader Cross is going into Chicago to tape a program for Channel 5 (NBC Chicago) for Sunday Morning with Dick Kay. I kinda like Mr. Kay. I've been watching him for a few years and he seems to enjoy his gig. I liked when he had all the Senate Candidates on. I think he could tell that some of them were real odd balls....

Since Spokesman David Dring was successful in getting the Leader on Dick Kay's show, now I feel it is time to put the full weight of the Crossblog behind my efforts to get Leader Cross on to the Steve Dahl Show.(105.9 WCKG 2-7p.m.)

Not sure if any of you guys watch David Letterman or listen to Steve Dahl, but Letterman had a bit involving getting him on Oprah. It went on for some time. Quite funny and was easy laughs. In conjunction with that, Steve Dahl wanted to help him out (and maybe get a little pub for himself), so he sent out "Big Steve"--an inflatable Steve Dahl--over to Harpo Studios and had him march with a sign that said "Oprah put on Dave".

Well guess what? I ordered the sandwich boards. Ours say: "Steve put on Tom".

Marc Camp may be having his own deal by staying down in Springfield and counting the days, but here at the blog, we'll be starting Steve Dahl Watch. Today is SDW: Day 1.

The world is waiting, Mr. Falato and Mr. Dahl.....


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