Who wants swag?

Well, well. I am back somewhat after a rigourous exam last night. One down, one to go. I have a wonderful weekend to look forward to in Collinsville, Illinois!

I will be down there. Give a holler if you are too....

Roll Call:

Chris Rodes : Present
Marc Camp : Present
Chesty LaRue : Present
Ryan Seacrest: Present
Lance Stevens: Fishing with the Grand Pubaah

That's right folks. You heard it here first. Our very own Lance Stevens won't be attending the IRP Convention this weekend. Too bad. Instead he's decided to go fishing.

I've also got some news for you joincrossites. Check out your 'registration bag' when you check in at the convention. There should be some 'Cross' swag in there!!

We're also trying something. Leader Cross is planning on speaking at 10:30ish on Saturday morning. Help us out and go bananas when he gets introduced.

If you want a t-shirt to wear this weekend, stop by our booth. We'll be happy to give you one.

Oh, yeah. "snap it" too. We're almost at $2,500!!!

Chris Rhodes...out!


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