You're doomed to repeat the past....

Before I get to the political stuff, I thought I'd let everyone know that tickets to see Wilco at Otto's in DeKalb go on sale this morning....Check it out here.... This will be the first show (post rehab) of the new line-up. It will be a pretty cool show, I bet.

I've got a feeling that at least one lurker (Boyd....I'm looking in your direction) will be going to the show. (That's pretty good, Boyd. Two mentions in the blog in 3 days. Kinda a superstar....)

Anyway, now on to the substantive stuff.....

Remember that news story last week (check it out here) about how the Guv and his guys were dumping health alliance from coverage of state employees and retirees.

The House Republicans bowed up and stood with the 90K employees and said that it was not right to dump these guys in exchange for John Deere Health..... (From what I understand, and I am not Mark Beaubian or Steve Raschenberger; the budgeteers, the idea to dump Health Alliance had a lot to do with cash flow issues....)

Anyway, this was a bad move by Rod and Co. and they probably knew it. Well, yesterday it looks like they have reconsidered.

That's huge.

Leader Cross and the House Republicans can now take a victory lap. (I heard that some members were doing that yesterday!).....

I am sure that the Guv will spin it his way and say that the staff made a mistake and he recognized that, but what really happened is that someone called him on something.

This was a good fight to pick with him and I for one am glad Leader Cross did. (the next one should be for Rod to get a backbone and stand with Chief Illiniwek)

On another note, check out the bottom of any Illinois Leader Story....Those mopes apparently don't have an original bone in their body. They've decided to crib our refer stuff. Check it out. They aren't even original enough to come up with their own language....

Maybe I can crib some of Churchie's stuff in exchange.... Maybe not.

See you on the blog, Churchie.

My name is Christopher Rhodes, and I approved this message!


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