Illinois Leader Lampoons

We're getting chatted up over at the Leader. Here's part:
I'm guessing that part of the blog stratagey is to attract different people to the party.  Get them to read something politically related. As a 44 year old man,  I understand your comments about getting the message across about lower taxes and less government, but how many 22 year olds really care about that??? I  think some of the stuff is silly too , but how are we going to attract younger people to get involved?   Why is Rock the Vote so popular?  Blogging is "hip" to a younger generation.   This generation want's to be entertained..  We need to draw new, young people to our party.  How do we do that??  One way is to attempt to entertain them.  
I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean....I guess this is a mostly my personal spot to point out things about Cross, the House Republicans, the state of the Illinois Party, and other things that I find interesting. I am a 26 year old guy, who is a republican. We have a ton to offer young people in the GOP. This is one small way to get a little perspective of our 'team". Maybe we ought to be more serious....maybe. But, this lets people see what we are all about.

To me, this is more about 'community-building' than message disbursement. I want to build a community that people will turn to. Come to Tom Cross if you are old, come if you are young. We'll let you know about us and if you like what you see, join our team.


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