As I told you guys last week, I had lunch with Rick Klau up at the world famous Applebee's on Route 59 in Aurora/Naperville. As I told you then, this guy's got it. He cut his teeth politically in a high-stakes environment of the Dean for America. Anyway, he wrote us up a bit today on his blog. As expected, he was very nice about everything. When I broke bread with him, he did comment on the fact that many vistors to his blog comment on the GOP ad. It's obviously part of our stragegy. I figure, we'll continue to work on the GOP'ers through traditional means. In order, though, to be successful globally, you've got to show people that you are not crazy. By reaching out the the Dem blogs or Independent blogs, or Green blogs, I figure, we're showing people that we're not all nut balls. (I am just kidding).
Jake knows they don’t have all the pieces in place yet. But they’re working on it. And their tech strategy isn’t the only thing they’re paying attention to; after the March primaries, every Democrat in DuPage got a congratulations letter from him.

Bottom line: I like Jake. He’s smart, young, and eager to figure out what he doesn’t know. And if a candidate can be judged by the people who work for him/her, then Tom Cross is a candidate to be taken seriously.
My real question is..."who's this 'Jake' guy? Since when did he become the 'boss' over on the tech side? I hear that he doesn't like to hear 'no'. We better reign him in...


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