I was on the Park District Board of my hometown for a few years. I ran for the post right out of college. When I was on the Board, I learned about a fund called OSLAD (Open Space Land Acquisition and Development) funds.

They come from the Department of Natural Resources and are used by Park Districts from Zion to Cairo. They're super effective at allowing Park Districts that wouldn't have the necessary resourcees grab open space.

As we all know, space in the Collar Counties is disappearing at a rapid pace. House GOP Leader Tom Cross and other House Republicans know that OSLAD is a good program. The Governor decided to put the program on a "holiday". Which basically meant that he thought that the state could do better things with the money than buy open space.

Well, the House Republicans began fighting to keep OSLAD back in the budget from the Moment that Rod said he wanted it out.

Well, guess what?

It's back in.

You should call or write your House Republican State Representative and thank him or her.

Because of their efforts, our children will have more parkland to enjoy.


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