Milorad Boozehoundavich

Talk about being 'late to the party'...
Andrew Ross, the governor's administrative spokesperson, said Blagojevich will dedicate September as Illinois Wine Month in an effort to create additional interest in the state's vineyards, which produce 720,000 gallons of wine per year. 
"What Gov. Blagojevich wants to do is invest in companies that are investing in Illinois," Ross said. "With all the wineries in Southern Illinois these can be very important economic engines." 
He said wineries contribute $60 million annually to the Illinois economy, $20 million of which is generated by tourism.
Our very own Leader Cross with Lance Stevens and Marc Camp make an annual pilgrimage to those very vineyards.

Then again...if you never travel downstate, it's understandable to not know much about Illinois wine.

Milorad...when the lobbyists call...make sure you tell them the wrong cabin number.


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