A Blogging I will Go

Karen Hanson of the Lincoln-Way Sun did a great piece on my blogs:
Frankfort Trustee Jake Parrillo is a blogger. Did you know? 
Don't worry; it's not bad. In fact, a blog - short for "web log," an online journal - can be an excellent way for an elected official to communicate with his or her constituents.
Parrillo's blog can be found on his Web site, www.joinjake.com . Click on the "blog" tab on the top menu. There, you will find Parrillo's opinions on local issues, links to articles about Frankfort and photos of Parrillo and others at local events. 
Parrillo also uses the blog to promote his plans for re-election and his support for other candidates. That's OK. The Web site itself is not an official government site. It's not paid for with tax money; instead, it's funded by Parrillo's campaign committee, People for Parrillo. The blog, then, serves two functions: It gives residents information about what's going on in Frankfort, and it gives voters insight into how Parrillo stands on the issues. 
...Parrillo wholeheartedly embraces technology. In fact, he works as a consultant for a group called Corederoy Partners, where he creates online Web strategies for clients. Currently he writes a blog for state Rep. Tom Cross (joincrossblog.com) and publishes Illinoisscoop.com. U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk is also a client. Parrillo also contributes to IgnoreIllinois.com, a site operated by the Illinois House Republican Caucus, and he will soon be participating in ILGOP.org, a blog for the Illinois Republican Party.
Karen did a great job summing up the current state of public officials and their connections to the internet. I'm really happy that some residents of Frankfort are using the blog as a 'feedback loop'. It really is a great too. And...as my brother in law Patrick says:
it's nice to be identified as the golden boy of technology amongst the standard curmudgeonery of your political peers.


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