Ingemunson Endorsed by Beacon

My friend Boyd Ingemunson was endorsed today by the Aurora Beacon News.
Ingemunson correctly envisions the role of the state's attorney as the leader responsible for setting policy and overseeing the administrative functions of an office that not only prosecutes crime, but also must act as the legal representative to the County Board, a position Ingemunson is well-suited for. 
During the campaign, Ingemunson has offered common-sense solutions to the challenges growth will produce. He suggested the office can do a better job in bringing in grant money to pay for additional staff as the population grows, proposed programs aimed at curbing the influence of gangs in Kendall County and suggested the office should begin assigning attorneys to specialized tasks, such as prosecuting crimes against the elderly. 
These are all signs that he is prepared to lead an office poised for growth. Ingemunson earns our endorsement.
It's going to be a tight race, so this endorsement will certainly boost the spirits in the Ingemunson camp.


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