Illie - The New "Mascot" of the University of Illinois

For a few years now, the guys and girls over at the Illiniboard have been having fun talking about what the University of Illinois new "mascot" should be. I say "new" mostly because the mainstream press... **ahem**...hacks **ahem**... decided a while ago that they were going to characterize Chief Illiniwek as a "mascot" when he clearly was not. He wasn't getting picked up by the Purdue Boilermaker Cheerleaders and getting "racked" with his legs all akimbo into the goalposts at Memorial Stadium. He wasn't going to the Grand Opening of the new Orange and Blue Carwash on University Avenue in Champaign. He wasn't a "mascot", he was a "symbol".

Nevertheless, he is only alive in our memories now. So...we have to move on. What's next? Although it's a pretty funny joke, I don't think we're going to be too far from this. 

Meet Illie. A totally non-descript orange blog that can offend absolutely no one. There's a whole gallery over there. Good stuff. 

Illie with the Beatles. Illie as Alice in the Brady Bunch. 

I point to these because they're quite simply: ridiculous. Is this where we're headed? If it's up to Emil Jones and his Chicago Democrat crew, I bet it is.


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