Todd Scalzo for Wheaton City Council - Get Involved. Make a Difference!

It isn't often that I can say that one of my contemporaries and good friends is running for election to a local office. Sure...there are people that I have become friends with that are elected to various offices across Illinois, but this is different.

Todd Scalzo is running for one of the At-Large City Council spots in Wheaton, Illinois. I met Todd 11 years ago in Champaign-Urbana. We lived in the same Fraternity House and spent many a night enjoying ourselves talking about Bill Clinton and politics. We shared many political science classes, with Todd always doing really well (or at least much better than me!).

Todd is running to bring a new voice to the Wheaton City Council - one that will represent not only a new generation of people, but of ideas.

Todd received the 3rd highest vote total in Tuesday's Primary Election, which means he's heading to the April 17th, 2007 general election in Wheaton.

What does this mean for you? A few things, actually.

1. If you live in Wheaton, make sure you vote for Todd. 
2. If you know someone who lives in Wheaton, make sure they vote for Todd and Todd alone. A bullet vote in a 4-way race will make a big difference. 
3. Get Involved and help a young candidate get elected. Even if you don't live in Wheaton, we can use your help.


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