Emil Jones and his “Silly Political Games”

pigtrough.gifEmil Jones. Are you kidding me? A few days after pulling the ole "switcheroo" on one of your old potentially targetted Senate Members, you have the gaul to talk about "silly political games"? That's rich. For those who don't know what happened down in Springfield this past week, it's one for the ages. A politically targeted Downstate Senator passed a controversial amendement that would hold ComEd's feet to the fire with regards to their outrageous rate increase only to see his leader, Senate President Emil Jones kill it with what Capitol Fax's Rich Miller called " an obscure parliamentary procedure that nobody remembers ever being used."

Guess who's the biggest contributor to Senator Jones' campaign account. *ding* *ding* *ding* That's right! It's ComEd.

That's shameful enough for Jones, right? Wrong.

Jones then sent in another one of his stooges - Senator Rickey Hendon - to do some of his dirty work. The re-appointments of the University of Illinois Trustees were coming before the Senate late last week. Hendon, who Chairs the committee the appointments came before decided, above the protests of the Republican Members of the Committee, to prevent the trustees from testifying before a Senate committee hearing. Just a vote, no testimony.

Guess why? Because they wanted to protect these Trustees from discussing the whole Chief Illiniwek fiasco. The Republicans felt like they had an obligation to question those being appointed, but the Democrats thought that they knew better.

What was Emil Jones' response to the questioning from reporters about the avoidance measures?
Senate President Emil Jones, D-Chicago, called the Republican objections "silly political games."

Are you kidding me, Senator Jones? Games? What was the trick you used to kill the ComEd amendment? What about getting your buddy Rod Blagojevich to change the rules so your wife can assume a big-time job with a $70,000 raise that she clearly wasn't qualified for?

Are those "silly political games"?

I wonder if people around the state are beginning to realize that one-party rule in Illinois is a bad thing. It's time to wake up, folks.


  1. Jake,
    Emil isn't the only one taking money from Comed. Anyone else you can think of?


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