SB600 Is the Wrong Answer, Doug Ibendahl

head-up-ass.jpgDoug Ibendahl is at it again, and this time he's going at with with a fairly blunt object. Hey's a bit of advice. If you're going to try to attack folks, make sure you have something sharp. Not something that's dull and off-base. In addition to trying to force Andy McKenna to call a State Convention unnecessarily, he's also back on the SB600 train. You remember SB600, don't you? It's the bill that Ibendahl's Chinaman Jack Roeser is trying to pass that would require direct election of State Central Committee Members by the voters. At least that's what they say they want to happen. They've got their hand-picked guy, Chris Lauzen, who must be salivating at the prospect of a few hundred grand from Roeser's coffers for his 14th Congressional District Race, all lined up to sponsor the bill.

The bill has stalled in the Senate. Remember the name of the bill? It's SB600. That "SB" stands for "Senate Bill". Ibendahl and his crew are pointing the finger at House Republican Leader Tom Cross and others for stalling.

Let's dissect why this is a "blunt object" (if you're going to fight Doug, I'd recommend a stronger argument than this!)and just a silly "flailing about for relevancy" exercise by Ibendahl and his lovely bride Cathy Santos.

Doug says in his note yesterday:
Tom Cross and other Old Guard elements continue to stonewall that positive effort.

Doug must not be a super slueth, huh? Just a quick look and one would see that SB600 hasn't even passed out of Committee in the Senate. Guess what that means? The guys in the house can't be holding it up.

What else? It's just bad legislation, Doug. The GOP in Illinois needs to do everything we can to be successful in beating the Democrats in the general elections. We have a difficult time doing that currently. This bill would waste quite a bit of Republican funding. How's that? There's only so much that folks give for election season. The well isn't bottomless. If we use some of that cash for election of central committeeman, there will be less to spend come the Generals.

Since Doug works for a wealthy guy, he wants folks like that to have an advantage, right? To me, that's also what this bill does. Want to give Jim Oberweis the State Central Committeemanship in the 14th? Pass this bill and he'll be able to wage the richest campaign in the State. Think folks like Bobbie Petersen are going to have the cash to compete? No way. What else this does, is that it gives the politicians an advantage, too. People with high name ID and campaign cash can take over the Central Committee. Ibendahl thinks that this will open up the Committee to the "regular guy", he's dead wrong. This will make it so stuffed with politicians, there won't be any air in the room when they meet - they'll be trying to get their soundbites on tv.

There's other trouble with SB600, too. Imagine what type of mischief this may lead to. Think that the democrats wouldn't gin up some trouble? Imagine the Chicago Democrats helping fund a candidate. If you don't think it could happen, sorry,'re just foolish.

If people like Ibendahl want to change the makeup of the Central Committee they can easily do so by running and supporting Republican precinct committeemen who would support different people as Central Committeeman. It's that easy.

Doug Ibendahl and his crew need to stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror. They say that all the ills in the ILGOP are because of "others". They point to a supposed "Old Guard" and say that they're causing all the problems. Stop the talking and writing, Doug. It's getting really tiresome. Start acting, please. Why not take the example of the very folks you are blaming. Look at Tom Cross. You sent out emails blasting him. Yesterday, while you were busy twittering away with your mayonnaise-laden fingers mashing at the keyboard, he was out helping win the biggest election in Illinois down in Carbondale. That's how you build the party.

It would be nice if you guys would have lifted a finger to help beat back Paul Simon's daughter, but you didn't. Instead, you guys are chasing windmills with your 2007 convention and other nonsense.

Help build the farm team, Doug. Instead of blaming Tom Cross and others, look at their records. Look at what Cross and the HGOP's did with Aaron Schock. They were there for him when no one thought he had a shot. Look who's helping run the House Republican Organization: Chapin Rose. Another "farm team" guy. Look at what Cross did by going out on a limb in Aurora with Richard Irvin. "Farm Team" again. Cross has clearly stated that helping build the "bench" or "farm team" is one of his top political priorities and a very important one for the health of our party.

Doug, stop blaming others. Stop saying that "things would be great if". Make it great by helping.

Oh...and hey Doug. Smelt fishing was great this year. I hope my "smelt fishing escapades" as you called them a few years back in your letter were as enjoyable for you to read as they were to participate in!


  1. [...] Last night when I arrived back from work, I had, waiting for me, a letter from State Senator Chris Lauzen. He apparently, is a reader of this blog. Hello, Senator! Thanks for your cordial letter. I appreciate your interest in my blog. In his correspondence, Senator Lauzen takes issue with my position on Senate Bill 600 and this post. [...]

  2. Jake, where was Watson and Cross, when Eric Wallace was running?

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