“Wild Wild Life” - Smelt Fishing in Chicago

Nothing like starting the weekend out with a few nice tunes. Below is one of my favorites. This weekend marks our annual pilgrimage to Montrose Harbor for smelt fishing. Just like last year, I wouldn't miss it for all the tea in China. If you haven't ever been smelt fishing in Chicago, don't be bashful. You can tag along.

That old post from last year is kinda funny. When I was working and blogging for Tom Cross, the House Republican Leader, he received a letter from this nutball Doug Ibenhal. Doug complained to Tom that I took a few too many jabs at him and his Chinaman Jack Roeser, and that I should be focusing my efforts on defeating the Democrats instead of publishing my "smelt fishing excursions". Too funny, right? I guess he can't complain now that I'm not at Cross' office anymore, so expect some pics come Monday!

Enjoy the weekend and the video. These guys are weirdos, aren't they?

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