New DuPage GOP Website: Couldn’t Be Worse

The DuPage County Republicans released their "new" website this morning and its magnificently underwhelming. The only way this thing could be worse was if it was hosted at a domain. I hate to pile on fellow Republicans, but if DuPage is really the "most Republican County in the USA", this is embarrassing. The real sad part is, that I'm sure they paid someone a bunch of money to develop this and they're probably so happy with it. They built a wonder website for 1994.

We need to do better. The suburbs and DuPage County is battleground territory right now. The Turn DuPage Blue guys or whomever seizes control of the DuPage Democrats will certainly be more proactive and engaged online. So should the Chairman Cronin and the DuPage GOP.

Where to begin? I don't know. That silly splash page? Where's the data collection? If you're going to have one, which in this day and age is common, at least include an email box or contribution form. What do they have? Some silly flash movie. Some of the basic blocking and tackling is screwed up. Who can't build a "volunteer form". Apparently the folks the DuPage Republicans hired. If you want to get involved, you have to send an email. The contribution form is the same. Want to contribute to the Party? Send it in via mail. It's not hard to use a 3rd party system to collect funds online. Come on, guys. Instead of listing the events on the page, they've posted a pdf. I wonder how long until that goes bad, eh? That is vey silly. Aside from the whole downloading aspect, what about search engine juice?

There's so much wrong that I could go on and on. There's a few easy ways to fix these things. First step: get your money back from whomever you paid to do this. Then expand the offerings to include online forms. You can even embed ones from wufoo. The one part they kinda got right? They made sure all the "bigs" got their pictures on the site. I'm sure that was their way of getting the committee to vote for this thing. And what's with the "We are" thing? The State Party is doing it too. Let's worry less about cute domain names and more on content and execution, huh guys?


  1. Great post. Gotta get the blocking and tackling figured out.

  2. what i love is that blue is the theme color for their website. from what i remember, their last website wasn't bad at all. well, if the republicans run dupage so incompetently right now and the state party is in shambles, no wonder they can't build a good website.

  3. We all know how this works.

    Some one in the organization with clout gets his kid or nephew the contract. Either that, or they are so broke that they set it up for $5 bucks a month on NetworkSolutions or the like.

    If the nephew is involved, THEY used network solutions but CHARGED $20,000.

    I can not think of one person in the party that is willing to challenge the patronage/pork ideology and/or run on a single good idea.

    These bozos are merely re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic, and if the old site was better (as mentioned above) then they aren't even doing that right.

    I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Republican Party in Illinois.

    No Money, No Farm team, No candidate of Stature, no interest in promoting a good idea or principled platform.

    The limp "We Are Illinois" sites are merely a manifestation of their complete impotence. These are the acts of a group of people who have nothing left to do but sit in committee meetings pretending that their silly talk is action.

    Fiddling while a party burns.

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