B.T. (Before Twitter) Blog Post Drafts

I began to import some posts over from my old blogging platform a few days back.  Those of you on the email probably noticed that a bunch of posts suddenly showed up.  Sorry about that.

During the importation process, I discovered that my long- ago abandoned drafts also made the trip over with the actual published posts.  There's a lot of rubbish in those drafts, but there's a few minor gems, too.  One of them is actually only one sentence.  No title nor follow-up.  Just this.
Is Tony Rezko the new George Bluth? Corrupt developer with shady deals in Iraq. Who's the analrapist in Tony's family?
Too bad I wasn't on Twitter then, eh?  I would have walked around smugly all morning for posting, what I considered at the time, to be a mind-bendingly funny comment about the worlds of politics and television colliding.   I even nailed the sub-140 character mark.  Left room for Re-Tweets.

Too bad, indeed.

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