On My Return to Blogging

I'm in week six(ish) of my return to blogging.  While not EVERYTHING is back in place (I'm still missing the old RhodesSchool.com archives, I've managed to import some of my posts I made in the past few years.  Don't know if the RhodesSchool or JoinCross posts are recoverable (nor if I really **want** them), but they're over at the Way Back Machine if I ever get that homesick.  I also, (finally) got the proper domain up and running.  You can now find this blog at: http://blog.jakeparrillo.com.  After stints on 1871's homebrewed CMS, Typepad, and Wordpress, I'm back home at Blogger - which feels like exactly the right set of tools for me.

From looking at my stats I see that a few folks have wandered over her - finding me through the feed or twitter or simply by search.  Thanks for taking the time to read my posts - while you might not find each post/piece interesting, maybe you'll find them as a body of work compelling as you can see the changes in my interests, lifestyle and intellect.

Blogging for me started six years ago today on February 16, 2004 (Here's my first post).   I'd been reading blogs before that, but I really dug in and started writing (albeit poorly) on the JoinCross.com website - for my former boss House GOP Leader Tom Cross.  Those early days were heady ones.  I started to branch out and seek new friends - folks like Rick Klau (of tins) and Larry Handlin (of ArchPundit) - and the communities they'd carved out on the web.  The whole idea of creating content was a leap for me and pulled me in.

Up until then, my career had mostly NOTHING to do with the web.  Shit...looking back I was a driver for a politican!  I drove someone around for a living.  I wasn't in front of a computer very much.  I guess I didn't really know what I was missing.  Further back, before that, I was selling drywall screws!  Not exactly a NetNative.

Frankly....blogging was the reason I fell in love with the web and never let go.  It sprouted a career and many a friendship.  It was the first opportunity I had to express myself online - and for me, one of the most fulfilling.  I wasn't a pioneer, but rather one of the second wave of settlers.  I'm glad to have been online then.

In retrospect,  I feel like I did break some new ground - mostly in Illinois politics online- and we had a lot of fun - with a few hearty chortles along the way.  Cross let me run wild - mostly because I'm not sure that anyone really knew what we were doing.  There certainly was no instruction manual for a blogger who was writing for a minority party state house caucus.  And...if there was, it most certainly would have said NOT to write about being a Wilco Fanboy and smelt fishing.

I'm back writing on the web because this really is how I fell in love with the web - not just reading it, but publishing to it.  I'm not setting any goals for myself other than to write about what interests me.  I have no ambitions other than to document some of the interesting things I find along the way - and write about them everyday.

Honestly, I'm not really sure why I stopped writing.  Guess it was a casualty of a time crunch and my growing fascination with other things on the web.  Twitter might have pushed me away over the past 2 years as well, and that type of micro-blogging still holds a lot of interest for me.   Mostly, I think I just didn't have that much to say that I wasn't saying elsewhere.    With the changes in my life offline, maybe it is time to talk about some of those changes online.

At the end of the day, I never set out to have a huge audience.  In fact....I never did.  I don't expect one now.  But, hopefully, I'll share some personal thoughts and experiences with everyone and I'll continue to look at the blogging as something I enjoy - not a chore.

So...welcome back blogosphere.  I missed you.

Hopefully, we can share a laugh or two together along the way.


  1. It's good to have you back Jake. Keep on blogging on.

    Adam M.

  2. Still a little concerned with some of the subject matter (decorating, crafting, etc) but regardless it's nice to see you regularly blogging again.

    Also - if you had used Feed.Us, we coulda imported all your old archives very easily. Too bad for you!


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