Relic from My Past: Lee Daniels Cooler

One of the first "big" political fundraising events I went to was Minority Leader Lee Daniels' Golf Outing where he gave out these mini coolers.  Somehow, among the second-hand furniture, bad Nike windbreakers and old cereal, this relic has survived up in Coloma Michigan.  It is small and holds a six pack and that's about it.  BUT, it is hard-sided and therefore not to terribly useful.  

But, seeing it up in Michigan brings me back:  I couldn't have been more excited to be working in politics and I viewed this as a trophy.  I *was* working for the Minority Leader - and was rubbing elbows with big shots at Medinah.  And...the cooler was proof!
Seems like a lake house is the right place for something like this: old, out-of-date, and mostly inadequate.


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