Kirk Dillard Endorsed by Daily Herald - State Senate

Like most folks, the fact that there's an election coming up is just a vague notion rattling around in my head.  Sure, you've seen the presidential candidates beating up on each other in other states.  And, there are those signs starting to sprout up in your neighbor's front yards. in Illinois, there isn't much time left until we head to the voting booths.  In fact, there's just 25 days until the March 20th primary elections all across DuPage County.  Here in Elmhurst, we have a chance to vote for our representative in the Illinois State Senate in the GOP Primary - a decision that will be important for the future of our community.

The race includes current State Senator Kirk Dillard who just this morning was endorsed by the Daily Herald.  He's running against Chris Nybo.  For those of us in Elmhurst, he's new to us, but we couldn't have someone better looking out for our community and our interests.  With the recent re-map (every 10 years, we all get some new elected officials), Elmhurst was dealt some bad news.  At the Federal level, we'll be represented in Washington DC by a Chicago Congressman who's district spans all the way to the lakefront.  But, closer to home, our representation in State Government can improve and hopefully counter-act any ill-effects of being represented by a Chicago Congressman.  That opportunity lies in Kirk Dillard.  Dillard, lives in Hinsdale and understands what it takes to make Illinois work again.  Here's what the Daily Herald said this morning:
Still, there’s also something to be said for experience, especially when it’s mixed with a record of political collaboration, and we believe Dillard’s record shows he would continue to serve the district and the state best. Since being first elected in 1994, Dillard has developed strong relationships with legislative leaders and earned a reputation as a skillful negotiator. Such influence has benefited the West suburban district, which covers parts of Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Lombard and Glen Ellyn.
I'll have more to say about this race (and other races) between now and March 20th including the County Board race that features Elmhurst's Mayor.


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