Elmhurst: Vote for Kirk Dillard Today!

All across Elmhurst, and DuPage County, we as voters have an opportunity to help straighten the mess out in all levels of government.  We need leaders who have strong voices, deep convictions, and the ability to get things done.  We don't need more bickering and fighting.  We need results that get Illinois and the country working again.

This morning, I cast my vote at Elmhurst City Hall and I voted for Kirk Dillard for the Illinois State Senate.  Kirk has served his district well in Springfield while his opponent has flailed about for relevancy. Senator Dillard is proud to call Illinois his home and he's looking to work with voters all across his District and State to make Illinois work again.

Kirk Dillard is endorsed by the Chicago Tribune who said: "Dillard earns our endorsement in this Senate race because he gets results."

When you go to the polls today all across DuPage County, make sure you join me in filling in the little circle for Kirk Dillard.  

Here's a note from his wife Stephanie:


  1. Do your bosses know that you're still voting republican?


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