ILGOP 2012 Convention Photo Contest - From the Illinois House Republican Organization

Over the course of the next two days, the Illinois Republican Party has delegates from all across the state converging on the Tinley Park Convention Center for the 2012 ILGOP Convention.  As part of the convention, Tom Cross and the Illinois House Republican Organization (Which is run by their top political guy Kevin Artl) are hosting a "Photo Contest" at a site called  As an Illinois Republican, I'm really excited to see some parts of the party take chances with the web and experiment with ideas and projects like this.  I'm glad to have played a very small role in bringing this thing to life.

To roll the site out, this morning, the Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady tweeted out a call for photos - which need to be tagged #ILGOPIX:

The site will be placing a select group of photos that are tagged with #ILGOPIX on the site and visitors can vote for the 'best' one both during and after the event.  The top vote-getter will be getting 2 tickets to House Republican Leader Tom Cross' Annual Fundraiser at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago on July 23, 2012.  Each ticket is valued at $500.00 - so the winner is basically $1,000.00 in political cash!  Pretty sweet.

To really target their efforts, the House Republicans are making a really savvy move by extending this project with a targeted mobile ads buy - just around Tinley Park - that drive attendees at the convention to the site to submit their photos.    This is a really smart move - and frankly, just the idea of the Illinois House Republican Organization utilizing mobile/display ads targeted to the convention is a pretty slick idea.  


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