Bruce Rauner - Gubernatorial Candidate - At Elmhurst College

I found this document posted up on the side window of the now empty Plass Appliances in downtown Elmhurst this morning.  It is advertising a talk that Bruce Rauner - a Republican who is running for Governor of Illinois - is giving at Elmhurst College on Monday, June 17th.

Here's the listing on the site.
Beginning this month, Elmhurst College will launch a new lecture series called Fixing Illinois: A Great State’s Problems and Promise. The goal of the series is to start an ongoing discussion about the challenges that Illinois faces, and to empower citizens to help address those challenges and move the state forward. The first speaker in the series is Bruce Rauner, a wealthy businessman and gubernatorial candidate. Rauner’s talk is titled, Making Illinois Work Again.
In the past, Elmhurst College has had folks like Speaker Madigan come talk and hosted SOS Jesse White and Senator Mark Kirk, so the school is no slouch when it comes to Illinois political speakers.  

How do they get these folks?  Have to think it has something to with former Speaker/Leader Lee Daniels.  Does this mean Leader Daniels is going to be 'with' Rauner?  Or will he give Rutherford/Dillard/whomever equal time?  


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