Symptom Of The Larger Problem For The Republican Party In Illinois?

On Tuesday, this is what the backside of my ballot looked like for the race for Precinct Committeeman.  We're in York Township and as you can see above, there wasn't anyone on the ballot for Precinct Committeeman.  Nobody even wanted the job.  It probably takes ten signatures to get on the ballot.  Really says something about the York Township Republicans, doesn't it?  I don't know if this is/was an isolated incident, but I'm guessing it wasn't.  And that other precincts had no one on the ballot for Committeeman.  I've run for Precinct Committeeman down in Frankfort Township.  Three times, I think.

And it really is a thankless job.  The Township Party organizations meet like once a month and it is of varying degrees of usefulness.  When done right, a Precinct Committeeman can be the connective tissue between candidates and his/her neighbors.  They're the ones who can deliver a sample ballot, some materials and be the one who can source yard sign locations for candidates.  When you have a *good* Precinct Committeeman and a candidate who knows how to leverage them, you can have some great success - both as a candidate - and as a party.

And when these seats go unfilled?  That's a sign of trouble.  And frankly, it seems to me that it speaks to the problem with our Party.  I'm a good, loyal Republican.  But even I am fed up and pretty disinterested from the current state of the party.  Between the 'angry' folks and the 'holier-than-thou' folks, people like me are getting squeezed out of the supposed 'big tent'.  I'm willing to stick it out, but if either of the two leading candidates on my side end up being our Presidential nominee, I'm going to be faced with a choice:  which way sends a stronger message?  Abstaining from voting on the top race?  Or voting for a historic candidate that I can celebrate with my daughters?

Would a Precinct Committeeman ail all of the problems with the party?  Nope.  Sure would not.  But, if we get enough of the right people in slots like this, isn't it bound to 'trickle up' the chain to get the right candidates in office that represent us in the right way?  I think so.  Once we get settled, this seems like a good altitude to fly:  committeeman-level.  Can't get into too much muck and can still do a little bit of good for the world.


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