A Few #Client Projects From Recent Days

Wealth Management Wire

We've been busy to start the year with a few different projects that we've birthed in our Edelman b2b marketing practice.  Right at the beginning of the year, along with two of my teammates, we penned a little bit of a market forecast for b2b marketing that you can read here on the Edelman Public Relations site here.  (I also wrote one for the previous year that you can read here on the Edelman site.)  Our team has grown and our work has been interesting to concept, build and execute.

I posted something very similar to this over on my 'account guy' blog

Here's a few of those projects that I'll leave here on the blog to mark our progress.  For Midland National and Sammons Financial Group, we're working with Wealth Management Wire as we try to tell the Midland National Life company history, their current state of affairs and reasons to trust them and their agents.  There are quite a few other moving pieces of the program that I'm not disclosing here, but it is safe to say that this is a lot of fun to pull off together with my team.

In a similar vein, we're working with a #client on Human Resources Daily Wire.

Late last year, we also worked with some partners and launched the #FranchisePlayers campaign for Vantiv, now Worldpay and are helping them celebrate merchants in two states with Mighty Illinois and Mighty Denver.   Vantiv has recently closed a merger with Worldpay that you can find out more on their microsite, but the work around payment processing has been quite a learning experience and quite a bit of fun.

And...earlier last year, and along with some colleagues in the Edelman NYC office, we launched the progress hub for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet to tell their story.

The rest of 2018 is going to be an exciting time as we build on existing campaigns, launch some new ones and add scale to our operation.

Note:  I've tried to note that this is #client work in the title, the body of the post and in the #tags below.  But...just to be clear:  these are projects that Edelman Public Relations Worldwide has been paid for and that is where I work.  


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