Republican Congressional Cook Book - Congressman Gerald R Ford - Yard Sale Find

We were up in Southwest Michigan a few weeks back and came across a yard sale outside of St. Joe's.  I've posted about the antique sale that takes place on the Bluff during the Summer in St. Joe's, but due to the whole COVID-19 thing, the sale has been canceled for the Summer.  Thus, I'm pretty sure this yard sale was a dealer who wasn't able to get their booth.  The stuff at the sale was nice and was priced, umm, high.  Like, not Garage Sale prices.  

I nosed around the sale and didn't find much that I couldn't live without.  I remembered my collecting mantra and picked up and put down plenty of items.  There was one item that gave me pause.  It was this cook book.  I had it in my hand - they wanted $1.  I put it down and got in the car and drove away.  About 1/2 mile away, I pulled a U-turn and went back and bought it.  

This is "The Republican Congressional Cook Book" that is "With Best Wishes From Your Congressman Gerald R. Ford".  Who, you likely know became first Vice President and later President - becoming the only person sitting in those offices without ever being elected to either.  He served the 5th Congressional District in Michigan for 25 years, so this cook book came from one of those years.

I find this thing so fascinating - first that it still exists.  And second that it is in mint condition.

The Congressman's wife - Betty - makes an appearance inside the front cover.


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