Biggest Presidential Election In History - 2020

 Four years ago, I posted about my history of voting in presidential elections and pointed out that 2016 was the first time that I voted for a Democrat on top of the ticket.  Here's a refresher from that post:

At the end of that post in 2016: I figured that it was set up like this: "It's chicken or fish, man." I chose Hillary. As much as I wanted steak to be on the ballot, it wasn't.  And today, I still desire there for to be steak on the ballot.  But, I'm faced with a decision:  chicken or fish.  I have to chose one of them.  And it seems like the choice is very clear.  I voted by mail a few weeks ago, but today, I'm even more confident now that I cast the right vote.

As for this time around? I think it is clear that we are - as Joe Biden - puts it: in a battle for the soul of our nation.  

While my vote doesn't really matter in Illinois (we know Biden will carry Illinois), I'm still proud to have cast my presidential ballot for a return to normalcy.  Nat and I will be watching the returns Tuesday night and hope we can go to bed with our future certain and we don't see that "Red Mirage" that would be the worst outcome. 


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