Walt Disney: "Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group..."

Came across another one of these construction signs that includes a quote from Walt Disney on the walls of a job site inside of WDW.  I've posted two of these before including this one about deadlines and this one about curiosity.  
This one was on the backside of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom in an area that I think was where the crane was located as they installed Christmas lights.

Unlike those otherones that were outside of Epcot, this one is definitely Fantasyland-themed and is appropriate for the place it is hung.

This one, too, is sponsored by Stanley, which I continue to think is a nice sponsorship integration for both parties.

Eddie Vedder Covers Warren Zevon: Keep Me In Your Heart

Last night, I watched the end of the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize program where they awarded David Letterman with the honor as I was getting into bed.  Dave was always my guy in late night.  Some of my friends were Conan guys, but Dave was the only one who could keep me up.  (Craig Fergusen came much later...and I did love his show - whenever I could stay up *that* late!)  I caught like the last 20 minutes or so.  And in that portion, Dave's wingman Paul Shaffer came out and introduced Eddie Vedder who covered a song by Warren Zevon and said:  "Dave...let me thank you...because if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have known who Warren Zevon was. So, it makes it a real honor to get to sing one of his songs to you."

Here's that performance.

This was a 'stop me in my tracks' moment.  The song.  Thinking about when Warren wrote it.  Thinking about my own kids.  Just a powerful moment.

We have Comcast, so I hit "info" on the remote and …

Bells and Whistles Christmas Decor - Lemax Christmas Village

Look who is coming along for the ride with the new Bells & Whistles Christmas Decor building from Lemax at Menards this year?  That's right...Santa Claus himself!  That might sway the Mayor of Mantleburg, I would think?  This one is also part of the Caddington Village collection like the past few days that included the Vintage Grind Coffee Company and The Dog House
Mantleburg is already such a seasonal town, it would seem to be a logical fit to have a Christmas decorations-specific store in town, right?  Boost the local economy when it is thriving?  They only get visitors during the holiday season and they've resisted the whole "spookytown" transformation over the years.  This one seems like slam dunk for annexation, but maybe once the sale prices come to Menards...
Or...we actually set up Mantleburg for the first time in three years.  One or the other.

Abracadabar Coaster - Added to Collection

During a recent trip, we finally found time to sit down and have a beverage in the Abracadabar on Disney's Boardwalk where they have these neat, custom coasters.  It doesn't do any magic tricks or illusions like the "posters" on the wall, but it is cute to see the top hat as cocktail glass being used here, isn't it?  
Full [Coaster Collection] is here

Including this new one, I'm up to 20 total coasters in the collection and 9 (and counting) Disney-specific coasters including this one from the Boathouse, the Flying Fish restaurant, the Skipper Canteen, Raglan Road restaurant in Disney Springs,  the Disneyland Hotel and Walt Disney World resort hotels as well as the *new* Walt Disney World resort hotel version.

New Disney Pin: It's a Small World

The King of the Ball Tossers came home with this It's a small world pin from a trip earlier this year.  We have a few IASW-based pins, but they're mostly modeled on the little kids in the ride.   This is genuinely one that *he* picked out.  Without any of our help.  Which...I think was a surprise to everyone.  
One of the projects I have on my list to kick off is pin boards hung up in the house.  Maybe in the basement?  Or in the kids' rooms?

Walt Disney: "We work hard to do the best job possible."

Another in the series of Walt Disney World construction signs that feature a quote from Walt Disney himself.  This one was on the walls outside of Disney's Hollywood Studios in the area where they are building the skyway near the walkway to the Boardwalk. 

This is the third of these signs I've featured here.  First one hereSecond one here

This one, too, is sponsored by Stanley.  You can find out the details of the sponsorship (which I find pretty clever!) in this post.

#TBT Chris Rhodes and the Join Cross Blog

Those were the days. 

I was going through some of my personal effects and came across this piece written by Tony Scott at the Kendall County Record (I think?!) that covers some of the shenanigans we were up to back in the early aughts.  I made some of the strongest connections of my career during these blogging days as Chris Rhodes. 

Pretty incredible to think back at how far the Boss let us go with the blog.   Today?  They're probably right to be a bit more careful with their political image.  And who's blogging today anyway?!?

Here's post from the archives here on the blog from Dan Johnson-Weinberger that talks about the same thing Tony Scott says:  those were some heady days of GOP blogging.