Tuesday, September 01, 2015

View From The New Wrigley Bleachers

I went to the dump that is known as Wrigley Field last night with some good friends.  I think this was the second time I've been in the bleachers, but I can't totally recall.  Have to admit...it was pretty fun.
Couldn't pay much attention to the game (which kinda explains why the Bleachers are such a party normally, right?), but I did 'hoss down an absolutely delicious Hot Doug's polish sausage called the 'Carmen Fanzone'.  I wasn't ever able to get to Hot Doug's before they closed, so this was a really nice treat!

The Tribune describes the sausages thusly:
Named for former Cubs players, the lineup consists of the Carmen Fanzone (spicy Vienna Beef polish sausage with brown mustard and caramelized onions), the Rick Reuschel (pork sausage with chipotle mustard and pepper jack cheese) and the Dave Kingman (bacon cheeseburger sausage with cola-barbecue sauce and sharp cheddar).
The improvements they've made to the park are quite dramatic and really quite tasteful.  All the advertising that is now present in the park is mono-color (white letters/branding) and the bleachers have a lot of room to roam.   Nat wants to take the kids to Wrigley, and I'll likely have to cave and saddle the kids up and drive to the mess that is Lakeview on a Cubs game day.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The York Building - Coming To The Old Plass Location On York

This morning, on my walk to the train, I spotted this rendering that is up on the windows of the old Plass store on York Street.  It shows a three-story mixed-use building and has an entry on the 'public walkway' to the north of the existing Plass building with an entrance for something called "York Condominiums".

I covered the building back in February when they took the asbestos out of the first floor here on the blog.

It looks to have a terraced elevation with the second and third floors receding backwards - which I think will help with the street presence.  I am, a bit bummed that they're going to be ripping down the Plass building - along with the sign.  Take a look at this post that shows the sign and the building.

I know that government's role isn't to dictate to property owners what they can/should do with their property, but as the Elmhurst City Centre continues to evolve, I think we'll wish we had *more* of the old buildings that came from a previous generation.

At the same time, we have to balance the need to profit for business people along with preservation and community impact.  Does this constitute the best/highest use?  I'm not sure.  But, having more retail on York along with more residents in the core of the downtown (with condos), I'm going to say that I land on the 'support' side of the spectrum on this project.

The timeline?  It says that this thing will be coming in Spring 2016.  That's fast.  That's good!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Costco Christmas Creep - Hits In August 2015

Take a good look, America.  That right there is Christmas 'stuff' showing up in Costco in Oak Brook, Illinois in August.  Yes....August.

This isn't the first time Costco has gone out in August for Christmas.  Back in 2013, I posted some photos from August.  Same in 2012.

You'll hear lots of folks belly-ache about 'Christmas Creep', but I'm not one of them.  Bring it on. I LOVE Christmas.  I love everything about Christmas and having these retailers get ahead of Christmas by booking some revenue in Q3 of their year, than I'm totally ok with it.

We didn't buy anything, but don't think I wasn't tempted.  Can't wait for Menards to toss out the Halloween stuff and bring in the Christmas stuff.  Let's go.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Inflatable Halloween Train from Menards

The Babe *soooo* wanted the Halloween scary train from Menards.  She was like, "Daddy!  Take my picture by the train!"

Alas...this is NOT the year for it as we're in transition between homes and stuff.  Hate to disappoint her, but....maybe next year?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Edelman's Culture Statement

Spotted this in the hallway of the Edelman Chicago Office.  I've worked at a few very special places in my career and one of the things that tie those places together is that in each case, the powers--that-be have done far  *more* than simply paid lip service to cultivating a strong, unique culture.  They lived it.

While the business results and the 'setting' (like what the office looks like) are important, the concept of a culture is far more important in recruiting and retaining the brightest minds in the world.  I'm excited everyday about the people and the challenges my team is tackling.  Onward.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thanks, Disney! Star Wars Emoji App Available On Android

It was just a week ago that I was moaning about how Disney ships a ton of iOS apps and very few Android ones - or at least ones of the same quality.

Well, well, well.  Guess what showed up in my inbox today?  This note about a new Star Wars app that is - huzzah! - available on both iOS and Google Play at the same time.

Downloaded.  Let's see what's doing with this thing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared - Art @ York in September

I spotted this poster for 'The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared" outside the York Theatre this morning.  This is the September showing of the monthly "Art @ The York" series.   I've covered past screenings on the blog here and here.

Here's the synopsis from the York's site.
Based on the internationally best-selling novel by Jonas Jonasson, the unlikely story of a 100-year-old man who decides it's not too late to start over. For most people it would be the adventure of a lifetime, but Allan Karlsson's unexpected journey is not his first. For a century he's made the world uncertain, and now he is on the loose again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

'Cue For A Cause BBQ Competition - Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry

Spotted this flyer in a City Centre business window recently for a BBQ competition on Sunday, September 6th.  The host is the Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry - which I have no idea where/what they are, but the fact that they're having a meat competition makes me interested.   And...frankly...this competition is a success by just having people like me head to their site and try to figure out what they're up to.  (Turns out, it sounds like a really great organization doing hard, necessary work!  Good for you guys!)

The competition is set to take place in a spot that they're billing as "the Elmhurst City lot at the corner of York and Vallette", but I think that means it is in the lot behind (east) of those businesses at that intersection in the lot that hosts the Farmer's markets on Wednesdays.

The Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry is hosting a pdf on their website with the full rules and it appears that this is a true competition with judges and a 'clamshell turn-in' like they do on the competitions you see on tv.  There isn't any sort of public consumption it appears.   So, attending this or walking through this, you'll only be able to take in the smells.  As for competiting....I don't do ribs, so this competition isn't for me.  Besides....I wouldn't know where to field a team?!?

Anyway...it sounds like they know what they're doing and should be a fun event.

From the rules:

1. Each team will consist of one head cook and as many assistants as head cook chooses. 
2. No distribution of food to the public (except best sauce competitors) 
3. First aid will not be provided. 
4. Contestants must have a fire extinguisher. Use of gasoline or other auxiliary heat sources will result in immediate disqualification 
5. No soliciting of any kind. 
6. No refunds for any reason. 

7. Teams may arrive at 10:00 am and begin cooking once have received their ribs. 
8. No stakes or hammering into pavement permitted. 
9. Contestants will be required to keep their cooking area clean during and after competition. 
10. 10x10 canopy tents are permitted. 

11. Contestants must provide all equipment. 
12. Water and electricity will not be provided. No generators allowed. 
13. No open pits or holes are permitted. 
14. All charcoal and wood products must be extinguished in assigned ashbins. 
15. All equipment and trash must be removed at the completion of the awards. 
16. Charcoal and wood smokers only (no gas) 
17. Contestants must adhere to all fire and other city, county, state and federal codes. 
18. Two slabs of pork ribs will be provided by ‘Cue for a Cause with distribution beginning at 10am on the 6th. 

19. A 9x9 Styrofoam "clamshell" will be provided to you. 
20. No marking of turn-in box. 
21. Turn-in box must accommodate six judges. 
22. Turn-ins for best ribs is at 5:15pm. THESE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Teams will be notified prior to the contest. 
23. There is a five-minute window on either side of turn in times. 
24. Garnish is optional.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Menards Halloween Inflatable Light-Up Animated Dragon

On Saturday, I wrote about how we went to Menards to check out the Halloween stuff, but on that trip there was a stand-out piece that is worthy of a separate post.  It is this HUGE inflatable animated light-up Halloween dragon.

Check out the video below to see it in action, but here are the details as I gathered:  it has wings that move back and forth, it's belly glows with a fire-y glow, the eyes light up red and it makes some noises of some sort.  (Pay no attention to the 'Monster Mash' you hear in the video, that came from some other inflatable!)

It is $199.99 right now on sale.  I didn't buy it (we bought a different inflatable that I'll post about later), but wondering if someone I know out in Naperville will/should buy it.  Granddad loves a good inflatable, right?!?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Almanac Saison Dolores Bomber

Nat grabbed my phone and took this photo of this Dolores beer when we were at some friends' house for pizza and beer last night.   We drank a few different craft beers, but I don't think we ever got down with Dolores, unfortunately.


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