Macaroon Disney Pin - Chaser

One of the things we seem to do on most trips to Epcot is a stop in France for some sweet treats.  One of the things that always manages to end up in our bag is the little six pack of macaroons.  And that's likely the reason why one of the girls was drawn to this pin and traded for it.  Just like the Figment one from late last week, this one is a 'chaser' too.

It was covered on the Official Disney Parks Blog back in November of 2015.  And it turns out that this chaser is from the same series as the Figment one?!?

Ant Man Disney Pin - 2015

The Babe traded for this Ant-man pin from a pin board at the resort.  She's naturally drawn to 'big' pins and this this certainly *is* big.  It is heavy, but has only one pin back on it.  Surprisingly, after she plucked it off the board, I looked at it and figured out that it really wasn't a scrapper.  Someone, who had this thing on their lanyard found something that they liked better and gave this one up.

My daughters have no idea who Antman is nor have they ever seen the movie, but they both liked the pin.

Based on this eBay listing, it was part of a limited release of just 2000 pins from 2015 (a doy!  It says that right on the pin!) timed with the opening day of the film.  This guy has it listed for $19.88 - which is nuts, but it says he's sold 3 of them, so this seems to be a sought-after pin.

Stormtrooper Disney Mini Egg Pin

The Bird traded for this Stormtrooper Disney "Easter Egg" pin.  Turns out it is part of a six pin set that includes the usual crew that you'd expect in a Star Wars starter set.
The retail price is $34.95 for the six pin set. Available early March 2016. Below is a closer look at the six different character pins featured.1. Darth Vader
2. Stormtrooper
3. Boba Fett
4. R2-D2
5. C-3PO
6. Chewbacca And here's a photo (from the Disney Pins Blog) showing all six of them below.  That Chewy one is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Figment Disney Pin Chaser

The Babe traded for this one on a trip down to WDW recently.  And it is a chaser.  What's a 'chaser'?  Welp, it is one of these non-colored, metallic versions of pins at Walt Disney World.  From Living A Disney Life:
These metallic doppelgangers of some of our favorite, colorful pins first appeared in 2011. They are “Hidden Mickey” pins (small Mickey head appears on these). All Hidden Mickey pin collections (painted and chaser) are released on Cast Member lanyards. Chaser pins, interestingly, are not released as part of the set they seem to belong to – they’re released (after the original, colorful ones) as part of a larger set of chaser pins belonging to a particular year. And this one features Figment - who has his own cult following.  We've been on the Figment ride a few times and while I love Eric Idle and the song is pretty catchy, the ride is pretty meh.  I know that's not an original thought, right?  But, as for Figment?  I kinda like him.  He's OG t…

The Salesman - Art @ The York

I last covered the Art @ the York Theatre program in January when they ran the Beatles 'Eight Days a Week' film.   I walked by the York recently and came across the poster for The Salesman.  The details of the showing are at the Classic Cinemas site.  This showing is twice on April 12th.  Both 1 pm and 7 pm.  If you're looking for them (which...I am doubtful you are!), then....Here's all of the Art @ The York Theatre posts on the blog.  
The team at the York and Classic Cinemas always seem to select interesting movies for this series, but this one?  Over on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 97% rating. is an Iranian movie.   That won the Academy Award for "Best Foreign Language Film". will be subtitled, right?  That's A LOT of reading.  
While I'd love to say that you can sign me up for might be a bridge too far for me and my movie house visits.  Mr. Culture right here, eh?  I'll go back to mashing my keyboard, drinki…

Hey! We Know Him! (Our *Kinda* Hollywood Connection)

I've written here on the blog about our past brushes with famous people.  Like Hollywood famous people.  There's that time when Nat and I - before we had kids - stayed in the pool house of Joel Murray.

But recently, we had a totally different experience.  We we went to see the new Disney movie Beauty and the Beast at the York and we stayed all the way through the credits.  Why?  Because, we wanted to see what you see above:  the listing for the executive producer.

The Babe, who is the only one of the three that can read, was waiting in her seat with us and she just about jumped out of her seat when his name showed up.  It was a fun little way to end the movie for us.  The film itself was great, but because we've know that someone we know has been involved in the project for years, it made it even more fun.  So, I'm considering this our 2nd Hollywood *kinda* connection.  Kinda...because they're related to people we're related to.  So that means 'kinda'…

Tractor Tire Swing - Not For Us

I came across this tire swing at Menards recently and immediately snapped a photo and texted it to Nat.  I mean...who wouldn't want a 'Tractor Ride'n', right?

Her response?  A simple: "no."

Which, is probably the only answer I should have reasonably expected, right?  I mean...come on.  Look at this thing.  It *is* ridiculous.

So, if you're in the market for something like this, you're in luck.   There's at least one left at Menards on North Avenue.