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12th OGB Post: It’s a beautiful day for some baseball...searches, that is

My sixth sports-related OGB Post went up about 20 minutes before the first pitch of the 2011 World Series and includes a bunch of baseball search-related trends.  The most interesting?  The rally squirrel. I couldn't be less interested in the series with the Rangers and the Cards.  At least I can root for the Cards because so many Cubs fans will be bummed out if they win. ------------------------------------------------------- Here are the live links to all twelve of my posts on the Official Google Blog: At the Republican National Convention: Politics in the Cloud and on the Ground  (9/9/08)  Searching for the Next Olympic Host City  (10/1/09)   Searching for the 2010 Stanley Cup  (6/2/10)   Celebrating 10 Years in Chicago ( 12/16/10)   Auto Industry off to a Fast Start in Motown  (1/14/11) It's Googler v. Googler this weekend as the Packer and Steelers face off  (2/3/11) Searching for a Cinderella Story  (3/31/11) If the Green Jacket Fits  (4/7/11) The Taxman