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Making the Move

Yup.  If you've arrived here, you are discovering that I'm finally growing up and bringing my blog over to MY domain.  It'll still be called Rhodesschool, but in an attempt to make it more personal, I'm bringing it here.  I've got to try to figure out a way to bring all the old archives over from, but in the meantime, all the old "stuff" should work.  The feed will be the same and I'll repost stuff here that I've recently put up at RhodesSchool.

We're Living in THE Golden Age of Bob Dylan

What's that you say, Jake? We're where? The "Golden Age" of Bob Dylan. Come on, now. You can't be serious. You can't compare Bob Dylan of today with Bob Dylan of yesteryear. What about Blood on the Tracks or Blonde on Blonde or Nashville Skyline or Desire. Good questions, right? I agree. There are a ton, an absolute ton of fantastic Bob Dylan records. There are even a few spectacular "periods" where the output was amazing. Look at the first few years. While some of the tracks weren't his material, from 1962-1967, Dylan put out 9 records. That's almost 2 per year. And they were incredible. (Go here to get the full timeline breakdown of Dylan's records .) Maybe it's because the last 3 Dylan records are the 3 that I "came of age with", but I really think that these 3 can not only "stand up" to any period in his life, I think they are the best collection of 3 records in his career. The three that I am talking about

Starbucks Making Moves: First Macca, then Radiohead (maybe?!?)

First it was Paul McCartney signing with Starbucks to distribute his new records, then news came that   Radiohead might be following suit . (that has since been denied by the band) It's an interesting trend and one that I think has merit. To me, the artists aren't so much signing up with a new label, as they are signing up to be distributed and therefore "co-branded" by Starbucks.   As Lenore Skenazy   wrote this week   Starbucks, even through some of it's missteps, is still the "third place" we all seek. Its the place we linger, she says. I agree. I look around (even in my own family) and I see those white cups as status symbols. You have the fancy diaper bag, the Range Rover, the over-sized sunglasses, and the white cup. Soon, they'll have Radiohead. What's not to like if you're the artist? You get this great association with a solid, if not down-right great brand. Under the old system, your records would sell good and you'd have a fo

Looking For a Countdown Clock

I 'm looking for an "off the shelf" countdown clock for our   wedding blog . I've found   these but they have the "epileptic" look of a myspace ad. Any ideas where I can find a cute, customizable one?

My 2007 Birthday Wishlist

My 29th Birthday is around the corner (next month) and Nat asked me this morning to put together a "list" of things I might want. I have to say...It's not exactly the easiest thing to do. This post might be filed under the "Jake needs an editor" category, as it's totally gratitious and unnecessary, but it's just something that I've been noodling all afternoon.   If there's something that I want, I usually either go buy it, or I can't afford it. So, what do I put on this "list". Things that I could "use", I guess. It borders on awkward for me to put together a list. What do you guys do? My list this year included some of the old standbys and some new items. Here's the list.   1. A really good hammer. 2.   Gold Toe Grey Athletic socks 3. A jumper from Patagonia 4. Armor All   auto wipes .   5. Anything that has   Chief Illiniwek   on it.

Iowa Hawkeyes Invade Soldier Field This Fall

I have high hopes for the Fighting Illini football program this year, but I understand that we won't be winning 8 games this season and we need to take one step at a time. Coach Zook probably doesn't want to undermine what he's doing by taking on an in-state school like Northern Illinois (even though   Henry   would probably love that...) because of the possibility of a loss and a setback that could hurt recruiting.   That's fine and I understand. What I don't understand is how we're letting the   friggin   Iowa Hawkeyes come   into Soldier Field and play those Huskies on our turf . Talk about great Chicago PR and recruiting "juice" for Coach Ferentz. That's what we need to be doing. Schedule something up there and get us in front of more kids. Isn't that why the hoops team played those moldy games   at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates ?   Come on, Ron Guenther. Get aggressive with the scheduling. Going to St. Louis for a match-up with M

Feeds in the Background

Darren Rowse is the "pro blogger". Although he has put together a   nice piece   on why readers unsubscribe to your feeds, I have to take exception with at least one of his reasons. He's right on with the partial feeds talk, though. I have talked about that before here on Rhodesschool. Infrequent Posting (or the blog is effectively dead)   - 29 Hmmm...I disagree with this. I use Google reader and it has a function called "only list updated". What this effectively does is it puts "dormant" subscriptions into hiding, where I don't really even remember that I subscribed to them in the first place. This isn't a reason why I would unsubscribe, but rather, one of the biggest reasons that I love feeds in general. I have a few friends who post all-too-infrequently, but when they do, I get it in my reader.   Sorry, Darren. I understand where the rationale is coming from, but when the technology works the way it's supposed to, this is a exactly