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View From My Office: Winter Sunrise

Most mornings I get into the office a little before seven am.  And when I walk over to the coffee machine, I'm drawn to the East side of our building to take this in:  the Winter sunset.  There aren't too many more mornings left in this working year, so it feels appropriate to stop and pause and reflect on the year at Edelman.  Our business is not run on the calendar year, so it isn't the annual finish line, but January feels like a good time to renew our collective efforts.  And December feels like a good time to look back and be grateful for what we've built.  I work on a great team full of smart, strong, talented professionals.  I'm grateful each time I see this sunrise that they're walking with me into battle each day. 

Edelman's B2B Marketing Blog And Eating Our Own Dog Food

As recently as July of this year, I posted about some #client work for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet my team has been doing at Edelman in our B2B Marketing practice.  Back in February, I shared some other client work here on the blog .  Those two examples give you a sense for the types of things we're doing at Edelman, but one thing that always struck me was:  we weren't eating our own dog food . I mean...we build really great communications marketing campaigns for our clients, but we don't market our own practice in any way.  So, with the combined effort of a bunch of folks at Edelman, we decided to change that by launching our own content hub. It is *just* getting started, but that's the key part:  starting.  There is so much inertia against moving on something like this that it has taken the better part of six months to get to this point.  We're using a marketing automation tool that we often-times use for our client projects. Our team is growing and we&#

Mitsubishi Regional Jet: MRJ In the USA (Infographic)

Via "Discover Choice" and the MRJ In our work in the B2B Practice at Edelman , my team and I get the pleasure of working with clients who are doing amazing things around the globe.  One of them is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who is bring to market the Mitsubishi Regional Jet.  We're fortunate to be able to partner with them to continue to introduce the jet to the pubic, including at this year's Farnborough Air Show . Ahead of the show, the MRJ crew in New York, Seattle and Chicago  published a new post on their "Progress" content hub chronicling all the pieces of the puzzle that are coming together in the United States with partners, stakeholders and supply chain members .    The map above shows some of the locations, but if you click here , you can go into a region-by-region breakdown.    And you can download the full infographic (as a .pdf) here .  Nice looking stuff from Edelman's Creative Team. Also recently released is this great video