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Faux Bois Cache Pot - Christmas Haul - December 2023

Yesterday,  I posted a photo of my first faux bois piece; a plant stand . Today, I'm showing my second;  a Faux Bois cache pot: This one is decorative, too, as it doesn't have a drainage hole.  The pot that I have stuck inside this isn't the right fit as it is a bit too tall and shows far too much interior container.   Seems like I have two choices:  keep it as a cache pot, or take the plunge and try to drill a hole in the bottom.  I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about 'how to drill a hole in bottom of a pot' and I still lack the confidence to actually give it a try.  A tile/glass drill bit seems to do the trick along with some moxie and... a little help via the Rehbinder effect .  

My First Faux Bois Piece: Plant Stand - Christmas Haul 2023

I'd say that the first time that I read the phrase "faux bois" was probably twenty years ago in and it was in a Martha Stewart magazine or on her blog.  I've thought about the idea of faux bois planters and what-have-you ever since.  But, thanks to Nat's Mom, I now have a pair of handsome faux bois pieces.  The first of which - this plant stand/pedestal - is pictured below. It is small, but works perfectly to elevate a pot when situated amongst a series of containers.