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First Spring - Green Velvet Boxwoods - Front Porch Bed - April 2024

Last Spring, I planted four small (1#) Green Velvet Boxwoods in our front porch bed in a spot that was created when I took the Norway Maple tree down and opened up the bed.  My goal was to plant some evergreen shrubs here that extend the hedge of existing Green Velvet Boxwoods that are planted closer to our stoop.  These were late-Spring 50% sale plants and I planted them with a mix of compost and biosolids.  They seemed to handle the heat of the Summer just fine and have survived this past Winter.  Have a look below to see the little bit of new, Spring growth that all four have put on in recent weeks:  At the top of the photo, you can see the trunk of the Triumph Elm tree and a few other things hanging around - including some left-over Tulips that survived the stump grinding , a Summer Beauty Allium in front and a Matcha Ball Spirea over on the left of the photo.  Further back, there are a couple Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses and some of the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas that I

Bud Burst (Sort Of) on Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea - March 202

I planted a pair of Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spireas in my burst of [Fall Planting] last October.  One in the front yard and the other by the Fanal Astilbes along the southside of the backyard border.    I was out puttering around in the back and noticed a flash of green on the tips of the shrub.  A closer look showed me that the buds on this shrub were/are opening up.   This is the first Spring for this thing, so I'm glad to see it coming back and (seemingly) survive the winter cold.  Below is a close-up photo of the buds and then a wider photo showing the overall structure:

Another Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea Shrub Planted - By Astilbes - November 2023

I posted the details and a photo of planting a Matcha Ball Ash Leaf Spirea shrub in the front porch beds in mid-October .  When I planted that one, I also...planted a second one:  but in back.  I decided to tuck it in the 'kitchen window curved bed', sort-of by where my bird-feeding pole lives.   That bed has some good foliage and good texture contrasts going on - the Amsonia, Oakleaf Hydrangeas and Astilbes create a nice combination.  This small-size (dare I saw dwarf) fern-like shrub adds a pop of color (yellow/chartreuse) and some lightness of foliage to this spot. The shrub is already showing some buds on the limbs - that I presume are set of next year. never can tell what kind of stress these nursery plants go through that might alter their normal growth cycle.   I planted this in mid-October, but posting it in early November 2023.