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Downtown Naperville Does Christmas Lights Right

How festive, right?  That's a look down Jefferson Street in Downtown Naperville recently.  We went to get Gringo tacos at Front Street Cantina and I was struck by how well done the Christmas decorations were in Downtown Naperville. Contrast it with the state of affairs in the Elmhurst City Centre.   I posted about the situation earlier this week and I've noticed that they've gotten a lot of the downtown now lit up - which is nice. Seems that the Elmhurst City Centre can learn a little from Naperville.  Both good and bad.  They don't seem to have totally solved the parking issues - and Elmhurst; with the new garage, seems to be trying to get in front of it - but the robust shopping district in Naperville is PACKED with retail.  Not salons. I know, I know....because of Oak Brook Mall, the Elmhurst City Centre will always be in a tough spot.  We're probably too close to attract major retail chains because they won't want to have two stores so close.  But,

Elmhurst Bluejays 31, University of Chicago Maroons 20

Always tough games when you go up against a Big Ten team. But the JAYS came out strong and now w e're 3-0 heading in an off week.  Big day for the kickers, too.  1 FB, 3-3 PATs. The Maroons have really great old-school uniforms and VERY prominantly display the Chicago Bears--esque "C" - which may be where the Bears logo came from!

Elmhurst Blue Jays 37 - Olivet Comets 7

Big win today for the Bluejays on the road up in Michigan.  A great 2-0 start with a game at home one week from today against the Maroons of University of Chicago.  Mixed bag with the kickers with a 38+ yard punting average, one touchback, and one field goal.  Had one blocked, but I'll insist that it was a snap issue.  A steady rain fell the ENTIRE game making it a hard one for everyone involved. We opened up 3-0 last year so I'm hoping we can match that start again.

Elmhurst College Football - Training Camp 2010

Last year, I coached the kickers and punters at Elmhurst College.  It is a small Division III program in our town that recruits from all over the country.  They think of themselves as a "big time" Division III program and they play in the conference to prove it.  The CCIW is always a hard league to win and this year will be no exception. I had been out in Charleston on vacation for the first week of camp so this weekend was my first chance to get on the field.  It felt really great to be back with these young men.  They're a lot of fun and I'm thrilled to get the chance to be a part of the program.

2 Weeks Until Spring Football @ Elmhurt College

Late last week, I met with the Head Football Coach and the Special Teams Coach  to go over our plan for Spring Football.  We start practice at 6 am on April 12th.  The times work out for me with work - I can get to practice in the am, then hop on the Metra and head downtown in time for work. The NCAA allows us a certain number practices this spring and we only have one kicker returning.  We'll have plenty of time to get him focused on kicking this spring.  He doesn't really love punting, but we're going to have to figure out a way to get him to fall in love with punting - my favorite part to coach.   The real reason why I like it is because you actually can "coach" a kid up in punting.  Sure...with placekicking, you can tune someone to get the ball further or more accurate, but placekicking is a lot about leg strength.  Punting, on the other hand is all about mechanics and being deliberate.  And...when you connect on a punt?  It might be the most beautiful play