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Maybe You Can Tweet About It. That'll Solve Everything...


Will Forte As A Sex Offender And Fartface (Things I Missed The First Time)

A few weeks back, I posted a SNL sketch featuring Will Forte doing a halftime dance.  Hilarious stuff .  Last week, I was reading an AMA with Will Forte and there were a few sketches that were mentioned that he pointed out that I had not see before. They're both hilarious.  And while I've always liked Forte, these both make me appreciate him even more. Maybe you've seen them already?  They were both new to me. First up?  Trick-or-Treat Sex Offender: And second?  Fartface.  Yeah...Fartface.

Will Forte Halftime Dance (The One Where Everyone Breaks)

Yesterday on the Dan Patrick Show, they had Bill Hader on the show to promote the big 40th Anniversary of SNL show that's airing tomorrow.  In the interview, Dan Patrick asked Hader (who has appeared on Stern and was/is hilarious) who on the show made him laugh.  He said that Jon Hamm and (surprise!) Taylor Swift were very funny as hosts.  And that one of the fellow cast members who always made him laugh was Will Forte. He pointed out the sketch where Forte was a basketball coach and decided to do a motivational dance at halftime.  Everyone - including Peyton Manning, Keenan Thompson and Bill Hader himself have to cover their faces because they're laughing so hard. I had to go back and find it and rewatch it.   There's a ratty copy up on YouTube that has low volume , but you can still watch it.  Man...Will Forte *is* committed to the sketch.  The Herb Alpert tune doesn't hurt.  Hilarious.

Glengarry Glen Christmas

I was just turned on to this SNL skit by a co-worker where super-host Alec Baldwin reprises his role in a parody of one of my favorite movies GlenGarry Glen Ross.  It is a pretty funny skit, but based on the laughter, it seems that quite a bit of the live audience isn't aware of the parody - as hard as seems.  (BTW...this is one of two movies that Nat ABSOLUTELY hates.  The other is T he Last Waltz .  She thinks they're both beyond boring!  I've tried to convince her to give them a second chance...but no luck!) Back to the sketch.....Sure the audience members laugh at the "Always Be Closing" line - but I think that's because the players like Seth Meyers can't help but giggle.  Maybe I'm wrong?  And...the live audience is smarter/more savvy than I think?  They seem to be laughing at how harsh Baldwin is to the elves and not at the parody?  Overthinking it?  Maybe. Elf you! Go home and play with your kids!