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2024 Project Inspiration - Adding Personality Via Garden and Compost Bin Signs - December 2023

Yesterday, I posted a look at my first ever (small) Wattle Fence that I put up in my new (as of this Fall) stumpery garden in the back .  In that post, I talked about the idea of "Garden Vignettes" and how they draw the visitor in towards certain spots in the garden and allow the gardener to show a bit of their personality.    The stumpery allows for a little personality.  The Wattle Fence, too.   So do berms and boulders.   In this recent post about using boulders in the garden , I said this: "One of the things that I'm putting on my 2024 to-do list is to add a little 'personality' to my garden with objects. Boulders fit that category, so I'm getting a little bit of a headstart this Fall/Winter." What other ways can you see a little personality in the garden?  With signs.  Earlier this Fall, I saw this  post on Insta from Erin the Impatient Garder that shows a few Garden Vignettes from Northview Garden .  This is a screenshot of the post below - b