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Why It Is No Big Deal That Disney Is Raising 1 Day Ticket Prices

If, like me, you spend any times surfing Disney blogs, forums, social handles, you've undoubtably have heard the news that (gasp!) Disney has increased the price of a 1 day park ticket to over $100 for the first time.   It is now set at $105 for a one day pass up from $99 just a few months ago .  ( Let's be honest, here.  You're not like me and you don't lurk on Disney Forums, but...for the sake of this post, let's just pretend, ok?? ) Here's the thing:  it doesn't really matter.  In fact, Disney raising their prices yesterday doesn't affect just about most people who are Disney World travelers. I heard this discussed on TheDis Unplugged podcast last week (yes...shameful, I know.  But, I listen to some Disney podcasts.) and I think they had it right.  I'm going to riff off what they said because I think it is worth noting and something consider before you groan about Disney 'raising prices'. Almost NOBODY buys a 1 day ticket for Dis