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Tribute/Return Sports Videos + Michael Jordan + YouTube Comments FTW

Over the break, I found myself watching this Toronto Raptors/Kawhi Leonard 'Return' and Ring Ceremony video on YouTube and that lead me down a rabbit hole of 'return' video tributes.  There's a bunch of Derrick Rose coming back to Chicago clips and there are other things like this King Felix steps off the mound for the last time in Seattle video .  And there's this Mariano Rivera All-Star Game entrance video - which might be the best tribute out there.  He trots in to his "Enter Sandman" intro music and the diamond is empty.  Standing there to a full team and stadium standing ovation he takes it all in.  Pretty awesome. But, on that journey down video lane, I also came across this video that I've embedded above showing Michael Jordan returning (for the last time) in 2003 to the United Center as a Washington Wizard.  Lots to like about this (including how they did a sweet little fake out with the "From North Carolina, at 6' 6"