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Chicago Skyline - Above the Clouds - March 2022

On a recent takeoff from ORD, we came across four buildings in Chicago that are peeking out the top of the cloud cover.  Contrast this view you see below with a cloud-free version at sunrise from last November .   Three of those buildings are familiar to me:  From the left: Sears Willis Tower, Aon Center, the mystery building and Trump Tower.  What's the third one?  Pretty sure it is the St. Regis building on Wacker Drive .  Back when I worked in the Aon Center, we would - on occassion - get views that were 'above the clouds'.  Here's one from six years ago (March 2016) from the 64th Floor of the Aon Center . 

View From My Recent ORD Takeoff - November 2021

Back in the before-times, I used to do these posts (on occasion) that I titled:  view from my office.  They were (usually) early mornings from our office on the 64th Floor of the Aon Center.  The most recent one from our office was all the way back in December of 2018 - almost three years ago.  I also used to (in the before-times) post interesting shots from my flights including this rainbow one from 2019 .  I haven't been to the office much in the past two years NOR have I been on airplanes much.  But, on a recent trip out of O'Hare one early morning, I noticed the skyline was looking particularly nice.  Here's a sunrise (no-filter) photo from my window seat looking east. Our office is moving out of the Aon Center near the end of the year and it doesn't appear that I'll be down in the office before closing things out, so it appears that the days of seeing those beautiful sunrises from the 64th floor are likely over.  It was a good run.  Eight years there, six of

View from the Road - Rainbow On The Way Home

This is the *next* in the series of posts showing the view out my airplane window on a trip back home after a week of work meetings.    The last time was this sunset on the way home from Newark .  Before that was seeing the Aurora Borealis over Alaska .    This time, I saw this rainbow somewhere between Tennessee and O'hare on my regional airplane that wasn't the SpaceJet 1 .  I was sitting in the row of 1 seat on the port side (do they call it port/starboard on airplanes??) of the aircraft - which felt like a nice little perk after being exhausted from the week of work. 1. [For disclosure - and for those who don't know - I work at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. I work/workeded on the launch on the Mitsubishi Spacejet Family at the Paris Air Show this year. They are a client of Edelman's.] ↩

View From The Office (Singapore)

I spent the day in the office and after opening the blinds, this was the view from our conference room.  That's Singapore National Stadium on the left and there was some sort of event going on inside during the workday. This is the latest in the [ View from my office ] series.

View From The Road - Sunset on the Way Home

A few weeks ago, I posted  a photo on the blog of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from my JAL flight home .  I've spent quite a bit of time up in the air during the first part of this year.  Thus, I have seen a lot of cloud-time.  Let's post this week another photo from the road - this time on a recent flight home from Newark where I caught the Sunset while we were above the clouds somewhere over Pennsylvania.