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Elmhurst Check Valve Program

News this morning that the City of Elmhurst has approved a program that will start to share the cost of the installation of check valves in resident's homes to help stem the tide of flooding and sewage backups that seem to be pretty common with any sort of heavy rain that comes to town. There are some stipulations to the assistance including a mandatory detaching of any rainwater systems with the sanitary sewer, but that is a small price to pay to have your basement free of sewage, I suppose. Residents of Elmhurst who want to keep sewage out of their homes during large storms can apply to have the city share the cost of a flood-improvement device called a check valve.   The program, which city officials hope will help ease flooding and prevent sewage overflow into homes, was approved July 1.   Building Commissioner Bruce Dubiel said residents can apply for the check-valve program, which will pay up to half the cost of the valve up to $3,000 per homeowner. Kudos to the M